Normal/ Classic African Fat-Tailed Gecko "Fondue" 1.0

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Weight: 0.04 kg

Product Description

You are purchasing the exact animal you see. He has a partially regrown tail, which makes the last half of it look a bit chubbier and has a pudgy tip. I can email a picture upon request.

Fondue is an adult male, his birth date is approximate based on what his previous owner told me. He doesn’t have missing toes but some are shorter due to the amount of stuck shed that was on them.

He is a sweet puddle who would totally be a TV night buddy. He just wants to curl up and be warm. I’ve even gotten him to fall asleep on me by doing very gentle massages of his sides while we’re relaxing.

Approx hatch date; October 15, 2018
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Product Features

Age (Hatch Date) Approx 4 years (Oct 15, 2018)
Color Brown Classic
Hatch Date Approx Oct 15, 2018
Sex Male
Size Medium
Weight 43 g