Dark Flame Pinstripe Male Crested Gecko 1.0

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Product Description

You are buying this exact animal. This is the darkest he gets. On the lighter side he’s more of a pale olive. Nice wide head on him!

Not a great bug hunter. Eating Pangea With Insect, Pangea Fruit & Insects, Repashy Grubs n Fruit, and Arcadia Earth Pro OmniGold and Stickyfoot Gold. He’s used to variety so you can probably get him to eat any prepared diet.

This is the fastest gecko I own. And he makes good distance in a jump. He’s never bitten, just really good at take-off and dash!

Produced by Ex0tic Gemz, hatch date July 12, 2020

Product Features

Age (Hatch Date) 2 years (July 12, 2020)
Color Dark Flame Pinstripe
Hatch Date July 12 2020
Sex Male
Size Medium
Weight 46 g