Female Leopard Gecko "Tova"

Product Price $ 120.00
SKU: HFG-LG-0065
Weight: 0.05 kg

Product Description

This is Tova, a surrender. She has a very outgoing personality! Best hatch date estimate is June 15, 2017.

It’s true that this one often thinks with her tummy. As such, she eats well pretty much anytime. There’s also been no trouble with shedding.

Tova is very easy going once she’s picked up. Most of the time she’ll walk onto an open hand!

She has one minor flaw; a tiny little dry speckle on her shoulder. Sort of looks like a grey mole. It doesn’t bother her, it doesn’t hurt her, and it doesn’t seem to grow. After several soaks it doesn’t seem to be a spot of stuck shed either. It’s simply the size of one of her scales, that’s it.

Her fee is simply for some of the costs involved in feeding and keeping her healthy 🙂 Price includes shipping anywhere in Canada.

Product Features

Hatch Date approx. June 15, 2017
Color Pale orange
Sex Female
Size Medium
Weight 52 g