Female Leopard Gecko "Deenie" 0.1

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Product Description

The animal pictured is the one you are purchasing. Price includes shipping anywhere in Canada and continental USA. And yes, she’s been worked into the website art 🙂

Deenie (aka Deenie Weenie) is Wild/Classic leopard gecko with no known extra genetics. She has one small issue, and that is mild MBD. I almost didn’t catch it until she went through a couple of back to back bad sheds.

Now with her vitamins, supplements, and UVB lighting (5-7%), she’s eating well and shedding perfectly except sometimes a toe or two. I highly suggest not picking her up for breeding. The extra calcium tax on her body may prove dangerous or fatal.

Deenie isn’t held back from any typical leo things. She likes climbing, caves, and exploring. She’s a bit shy, so she’ll need settling in to come out of her shell. She’s currently eating gutloaded-by-me dusted mealworms. She also enjoys dusted crickets sometimes, and a rare wax worm or two as a treat.

She needs a quick look-over after sheds, but she’s on a perfect streak again so maybe that’s a thing of the past. Definitely good keeping up on her moist and humid hides.

Product Features

Age (Hatch Date) 4 years (June 8, 2018)
Color Normal/Classic
Hatch Date June 8, 2018
Sex Female
Size Medium
Weight 48 g