Female Leopard Gecko, Normal poss Giant 0.1 "Momma Chonk"

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Weight: 0.08 kg

Product Description

You are buying the animal pictured. I have other pictures I can email upon request with more of her figure. My Morph Market listing has updated pictures along with this one.

We call her Momma Chonk because…well…she’s big. She eats, she poops, she sheds well. She doesn’t really lose weight. But she is a cuddly sweetheart. She was surrendered to me almost 6 months ago, so there’s nothing that I can find ‘wrong’ with her.

With her weight, her best diet would be combinations of crickets, small locusts, and BSFL/Phoenix Worms/CalciWorms (whichever you have access to). She could have a couple mealworms as treats once in a while.

Approx Hatch Date: April 16, 2017 (5 years)
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Product Features

Age (Hatch Date) 5 years (approx April 16, 2017)
Color Wild/Normal
Hatch Date Approx April 16, 2017
Sex Female
Size Possible Giant
Weight 84 g