*SOLD* TSF Leopard Gecko *SOLD*

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Product Description

*SOLD* You are purchasing this exact animal.  TSF = Temperature Sexed Female. Remember; this means that she was incubated at a temperature that SHOULD ensure she is indeed female. But she is too young to verify.

Hatch Date 04-05-2021 (3 months).
Morph: Vanilla Mix/Normal? Jungle
Sire: Keith-Mithan HFG-LG-0004 (was told on purchase that he was a Vanilla mix, but considering how his daughters are turning out he may be Mack Snow)
Dam: Charli-Su HFG-LG-0001 (Wild Type Macularius Macularius)
Sibling: HFG-LGCB-0001

Product Features

Age (Hatch Date) 3 months (May 4, 2021)
Color Jungle
Size Small
Weight 14g