Deposits, Shipping, Fees


My goal is to be shipping from the week of April 15 to the week of October 15 inclusive. Any dates outside of that will be subject to the weather as I cannot often get to a major center to ship. I am working with Reptile Express to get set up with them to ensure Live Arrival. Please note that at the discretion of Reptile Express that any given date is subject to acceptable weather based on the animals needing to be shipped.

To purchase a gecko, please contact me via email so that we can track our conversations as we work out the details. To Hold an animal, there is a minimum non-refundable deposit of $50 or 25% of the total price, whichever is more. The remainder of the animal’s cost must be paid within 30 days or before the next available shipping date, whichever comes later.

Shipping fees, both to me and to Reptile Express, must be paid no later than the Thursday before the determined shipping date. Otherwise the shipment will be bumped to a later date.

Payments to me are to be either made via in-person as cash (in the case of picking up the animal personally) or online via etransfer. Reptile Express’s fees are to be paid to them however they prefer.

Each animal that is for sale may have more pictures associated with it. They can be seen in the Available album of the Facebook page. Upon request I usually have some I can email as well.

If you spend $500 CAD or more before shipping costs, I can offer free shipping within Canada. If you are outside Canada I can give a 10% discount on the animals.

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